Smart Tech App for 2018

Technology have been seeping into our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. From security to household appliances tooffice assistants. Technology makes work very easier. The world without technology looks empty,The young and old embraced technology with full heart and mind.
Virtual assistants


Smart Technology

The most impressive piece of smart technology has to be the smart assistants that operate in smart speakers. Leading the race is Amazon’s Alexa, which is now compatible with 20,000 devices. This software really is at the cutting edge of AI. The possibilities of what you ask are endless and in most circumstances, Alexa can provide you with the answer you need.

More useful to smart home is the role of smart hub aspect of these smart speakers. Calling out “Alexa, turn on the side light” is the sort of tech that seemed futuristic not too long ago. The smart hub brings control of all smart devices under one language. It is this control which is so profound.

Robot Vacuum

A great example of smart tech being drawn into less obvious devices is the recent introduction of connectivity into robot vacuums. The latest and best models of robot vacuums map your home using a camera to build up the perfect route for the most efficient and fast cleaning routes. Previously, these devices would maneuver in a more random sensor driven fashion.

The addition of this new mapping software and the robots intelligent approach to maneuvering represents how the most mundane appliances are being made smart. The leading brand and goto robot vacuum is the Roomba, which has sold tens of millions of units. These devices are great for many cleaning applications, one of the most popular is specific to pet hair. To learn more about what they can do and the extent of the feature they have, read the best Roomba for pet hair.

Smart security

Smart security devices are the best selling out of any smart devices. From video doorbells to outdoor cameras to smart sirens, these are incredibly effective and clean devices. A solid well rounded smart security setup will improve deterrence, surveillance, and monitoring. The connectivity of these devices is critical in this as it allows for access wherever you are and whenever you want.


The most brilliant example of this is the video doorbell. You can see your front porch at any time you wish, but more importantly, answer your doorbell when its rung. If you are at the office and you get a ring you can let your family member in or instruct the delivery man. You can also warn any unwanted trespassers. Outdoor smart cameras such as Arlo’s will store footage on the cloud when triggered by motion or audio. This streamlines their energy usage, meaning the batteries can last for months and make the device completely wireless.

Learning Thermostat

A final example which showcases some of the most cutting-edge AI in a device is the Nest Learning Thermostat. The keyword in this product is “learning”. This device requires no setup, you just get it installed and turned on and then it will learn all about you. Based on your movements and preferences, it will build up the most money efficient programming of heating and cooling for you. This is machine learning at its best in consumer electronics, and as Nest is owned by Google, it is no surprise that the device is so darn good,

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