Samsung Adds New Emoji Pack to Galaxy Note 7 Firmware Update

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been through quite a rough patch in recent weeks with the issue of explosion in tow and considering the fact that they have wasted a lot of valuable time that would have been used for sale instead to make sure that they get all the recall on the smartphone units done, it is only right that they resume sales soon as they have in some regions already and are planning in the remaining markets.
As part of the plan to show the safe units of the smartphone, they rolled out a firmware update/ that changed the battery icon on the Note 7 to green for safe units and with that firmware update now comes another long due update.

While Google, Apple and others have released improved emoji packs for smartphones already, it has be taking Samsung forever to talk about unit and now, they are releasing the Unicode 9.0 with the firmware update, taking a lot of new emojis to the Note 7
This new pack shows a sure improvement over the available old ones and brings new life into the art of using emojis. With these emoticons, expressing yourself via text just got cleaner, better and better.

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