Parenting: Swaddles Baby Diapers

As a parent caring for your baby is your ultimate aim, without no doubt you we strongly agree with me. So what does it takes to be a caring mother? This involves many ways but let’s analyze the main point that shows you care for your child’s welfare.

Imagine you are going for shopping and no body to take care of you baby while you are away, you might not want your baby To embarrass you by Soaking up with pee,  so what can help in preventing these is Swaddles Baby Diapers, how can it help ? You might consider wearing this on him/her before going for shopping, as this is going to prevent heat and moisture to keep your  baby dry and comfortable always.

So what are we saying? SWADDLES BABY DIAPERS is one of it best DIAPERS in the market .you might really want to have a close look at it.

Swaddles diapers are friendly with your baby’s skin and keeps your baby fresh
Our premium Swaddles baby diaper has been produced with the finest materials and processes to offer comfort and assurance to babies. It comes in Mini, Midi and Maxi, with various features.


1. Breathable cloth-like back sheet: This prevents heat and moisture to keep baby dry and comfortable always.
2. Unique elastic sideband: This allows for easy adjustment and comfortable fitting.
3. Super soft and extra absorbent layer: Soaking up your entire baby’s pee, preventing diaper rash.
4. Leak proof barriers: to prevent leakage of any sort.
5. Front elastic band: to enable your baby feel comfortable and to allow the diaper to adjust to your baby’s changing tummy size as they feed.

SWADDLES BABY DIAPERS are currently running a promo offer for all wholesalers selling at ₦360 per pack but you still have to register by getting products of a minimum of ₦300,000. This is now making it very competitive and you can even sell to retailers at ₦400 who will be able to sell to the market as low as ₦420. We encourage retailers not to surpass ₦430 selling price so that it can at least sell out and not be deposited in their shops without moving. We promise 100% assurance of getting Value for money spent.

Wholesalers: ₦360

Retail PRICE-₦420-₦440

Location to buy: Stores around town/Supermarkets and in the market. You can  always send a message to 08033851492

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