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So Google on the 9th of October, 2018 introduced us to new innovative devices in an event that was well organised as usual.

What are these Devices ?

The anticipated Google Pixel 3/3XL was unveiled, alongside the Pixel Stand Wireless Charger, Google Home Hub, Chromecast, and the Pixel Slate which you can get with a Keyboard and a Stylus Pen.

Can we talk about them already ? We are all excited

Google Chromecast

Google refreshed its non-4K Chromecast streaming dongle with an entirely new look and its iconic G Logo that adorns every other hardware product it’s making. The new Chromecast is available for $35 (the same price as its predecessor), and you can have one in Charcoal or Chalk color versions.

This Chromecast is supposedly 15% faster than the last generation, and it can do 1080p 60fps streaming. It’s also able to act as a Chromecast Audio, letting you play music in sync with other Chromecasts or Google Home speakers. The multi-room audio is only launching sometime later this year, though.

Google Chromecast With The New G logo

Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub Starting at $149

The Google Home Hub is a device meant to make life very easy for anyone with a Digital Home. It allows the user or the family to do the basics with an all in one app (Google Home App) accessible by simply calling up Google Assistant or drawing down on the screen.

Google teamed with Nest™ for this one alongside Titan Security so you feel safe and for those of us scared of people watching us through our devices camera, There’s a shocking news on this home device;

Google made the decision to not put in a camera. Yes! You read that right. There is no camera.

The Basics of this device are:

  • Picture frame displaying set pictures of those you want to see displaying like an average photo frame
  • Alongside Nest™, You can see who’s at your door and simply tell Google Assistant to reply or you just reply with your own voice
  • With the help of Google Assistant and YouTube Music; Just say “Hey Google, Play me any new song from Katie Costello” and there you have it
  • With the help of the new home app, you can now lock your doors, check if it’s locked, Switch off your AC, Switch Off your Lights, etc.
  • There are more. So this is where I’ll say etc.


Pixel Wireless Charger/Stand

Finally, Google supports wireless charging and they did it with a nice trick up their sleeves. Immediately you put your Pixel phone on the Stand, it becomes a mini version of the Home Hub.

It automatically becomes a photo frame according to the set time. It sleeps when you want it to and would not disturb you with extreme notifications until it’s time for alarm and it will automatically update you on everything you missed+ the ones you gotta know with the help of Google Assistant

The Stand enhances your music experience and UI by displaying the album art of your favourite musician when it’s playing.

The Pixel Stand is Qi compatable so you can use it for any device but the software features feature mentioned above are strictly for the Pixel 3/3XL for the time being.

The Pixel Wireless Stand starts at $79

Google Pixel 3/3XL

Pixel 3 Pixel 3XL

Three Colour Options: Clearly White, Just Black & Not Pink

This is what you’ve been waiting for. Take a moment to admire the Beauty.
Two tall OLED panels, the XL model has a 6.3” diagonal with 1,440 x 2,960px resolution (532ppi). Its 18.5:9 aspect ratio accommodates the largest bezel in the smartphone kingdom. Meanwhile the Pixel 3 itself doesn’t go with the Notch Display, So you have two options; Notch or No Notch. It’s all up to you.

Apart from the usual specs. The catchy parts of the Pixel 3/3XL:

  • Google Playground in the Camera App which allows you to put yourself in a real background with a nearly true animated character, it could be Iron Man, The Hulk, A Dog, etc.
  • Google assistant can now help you answer your phone call and you tell it what to say and it’s gonna do the obvious; Report to you what your caller said.
  • The phone can become a Mini Home Hub when on the Pixel Charger Stand.
  • The Camera though not the trending “dual camera” is promised to be the best of its time and to prove that, Google proved that by shooting a SHORT FILM with it.
  • It is promised to go a full day with a single charge and of course, There is fast charging
  • It is coming with the anticipated Android P which we’ll review in a short time.
  • There’s a Super RES zoom feature carried out by the AI. It tries to make up for the Telephoto Lens.
  • There’s the 4GB RAM and 64GB/128GB variant.
  • There is the the new USB-C connector which promises to be low on power and faster.
  • For the first time ever. The Google Phone will be shipping with an earbud. Which have Google Assistant integration. They can handle voice commands, can read out new messages and compose a reply, even do real time translation.
  • We have the Snapdragon 845 chipset and a 2.5GHz(3XL) & 1.6GHz(3)
  • The dual front facing speaker promises to be a banger.
  • Turn over to Shhhh: This feature allows you to spend more quality time with friends and family by simply turning the phone over. It automatically stops you from getting any notification.

Google Pixel Slate

This might take your mind to the Microsoft Surface but nope. This is totally different, it’s not even an Android. It runs on the revamped ChromeOS.

Google assistant is deeply integrated in the OS, so you can expect it to learn how Perfectly to work with you as you use it.

The screen display is set at 296ppi. It was manufactured to display perfectly and it does the job very well.

You have dual front facing good Speakers for multimedia pleasure and a Good battery to keep up the good work + YouTube Premium for 6 months which enable you to watch live TVs.

Another fun part among others is the ability to convert the Slate into a 12.1″ laptop with the keyboard attachment via pogo pins

And you have a Stylus Pen if you wanna design, sign a document, etc.

The Google Pixel Slate starts at $600, but you’ll need to get the accessories on their own. Stylus Pen – $100, Keyboard – $200.

You loved everything or you just preferred a few ? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

You can get all the products or pre-order them here but the country option is quite limited for now. But no harm in checking.

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