Fortnite is a very anticipated and loved game of these days there is no denying it. It first came to mobile in the iOS ecosystem and appeared later on Android but was restricted to only Samsung Flagship devices.

But I’m proud to tell you today you can get the game installed on your phone but it’s not as you might expect. Because……….. It’s not in Playstore.

So you get the game via invite before, which is a very long story that I’m pretty sure you don’t want to read through right now. Yah. I know how much we hate reading what’s not our concern e.g Terms and Conditions…. Let’s get back to business. Thank You.

For now, You get the game from Epic’s website but you don’t practically get the game. You download the installer package and it helps you get the game…. So you can delete the installer afterwards.

Click Here to get the installer package.

The game is free to play and believe me. You want to play it. Yes I know.

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